Board of Education

President - Penny Fraumeni
Vice President - Dr. Joseph K. Chang
Clerk - Gino Kwok, Esq.
Member - Anthony Duarte
Member - Martin G. Medrano
Superintendent - Cynthia Parulan-Colfer

Hacienda La Puente Adult Education Administrators

Dr. Gregory Buckner - Executive Director, Adult Education
Elbia Sarabia - Director, Academics & Community Education
Theresa Petersen - Assistant Director, Academics & Community Education
Matthew Smith - Director, Career & Technology
Adder Argueta - Program Administrator, Health Careers
Jorge Seccia - Program Administrator, Workforce
Counselor - Valerie Clifford
Counselor - Crystal Ontiveros
Counselor - George Stansky

Roster of Classified Staff
Roster of Instructional Staff

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Last Update: 5.12.2017
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